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Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 17 permits a judge or judicial circuit to encourage litigants to consider alternative dispute resolution procedures to settle cases. The Missouri Bar maintains a list of neutrals. The list designates the type of dispute resolution service offered by each neutral and includes background information.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this directory is to provide contact information to individuals looking for a dispute resolution neutral. Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by The Missouri Bar of a particular individual.

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How to apply to be added to the list

To be included on a list of neutrals, Rule 17 requires the person to have appropriate training or equivalent experience in conducting the dispute resolution procedure or procedures offered by that neutral.

To be included on the list as a mediator, a person must have a minimum of 16 hours of formal training. To be listed as an arbitrator or other provider of neutral services, a person must have at least four hours of formal training. The Missouri Bar makes the determination as to whether a person’s training qualifies the individual for inclusion on the list.

Each circuit court has the option of including on its list persons who have not met the minimum training requirements of Rule 17, but who have had "equivalent experience" in conducting a dispute resolution procedure. A circuit court recognizing this exemption from the training requirements must establish its own procedure for determining equivalent experience. The Missouri Bar does not make this determination.

To obtain the information and forms necessary to apply for inclusion on the list, visit these links:

Supreme Court Rule 17  Form 7  
 Rule 17 Information  Form 8  
   Form 9  

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